LSE DS105 - Data for Data Science


πŸ“‘ Course Brief

Focus: learn how to collect and handle so-called β€œreal data”

How: hands-on coding exercises and a group project

🎯 Learning Objectives

  • Create terminal commands to effectively navigate the file system and execute programs
  • Analyse and categorize various data types and identify prevalent data formats
  • Use Markup Language (XML) and Markdown format proficiently for document and web page formatting
  • Interpret and adhere to international standards for common data types
  • Assess data quality, implement data cleaning procedures, and troubleshoot common data corruption issues
  • Use web scraping and APIs to retrieve data from Internet sources
  • Demonstrate comprehension of database concepts and fundamentals
  • Combine and link data from disparate sources
  • Utilize GitHub, based on the git version control system, for collaborative and version control purposes
  • Use markdown to create reports of data analysis
  • Combine a mix of markdown, HTML and CSS to maintain and customise simple websites

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